The Peruvian

When Carlo moved to Scotland, traditional Peruvian cuisine was no where to be found. After 14 years of unsatisfied cravings Carlo took things into his own hands and launched his street food stall, The Peruvian, in 2017. 

From it comes all those superb dishes from Carlo’s homeland that he fondly remembers his grandmother cooking. That includes Lomo Saltado: stir fried sirloin steak and potatoes folded with tomatoes, onions, soy sauce and ají amarillo paste, served on a bed of rice. Carlo calls it “Peru on a plate” and we call it heaven.

There’s a reason Carlo’s food has repeatedly snapped up the Best Snack award at the British Street Food Awards. And speaking of snacks, you might want to try those tequeños (pastry wrapped cheese sticks served with guacamole).

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