Cheesin’ is new and utterly cheesy concept, brought to you by the team behind Fabbrica (our previous fresh pasta trader). It’s all about your favourite comfort food, done well. 

You can officially stop the search for the best grilled cheese sandwich in Edinburgh, we’ve got it here at ESF 😏

Celebrating their love of cheese, brothers Baptiste and Alex have perfected gourmet mac & cheese, artisanal sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches oozing with melted cheese, real poutine, and other cheese based snacks. Did somebody say mozzarella sticks?! 

Savoury tooths can also round off their ESF visit with a proper Mellis Cheese selection, paired with a crisp white or juicy red wine. 

You can expect halloumi salad in the summer and indulgent Alpine specials in winter; we personally can’t wait for the fondue and raclette!

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